Titanium Ring Finishes

here are 5 finishes currectly available - hopefully I won't confuse you with too much choice :-)


 1.  Straight satin - the ring is brushed parallel with the edges of the ring. Imagine the ring spinning and then the brush is held against it to achieve the satin effect.

2.  Polished Titanium rings - high mirror finish look. (Shown on the inside of the ring).

 3. Angle Satin Brush - this is achieved by brushing the ring at 45 degrees. It gives a shimmery effect to the ring and I have had some customers describe it as 'The hologram' finish.

 4. Heavy wire brush - this is a really coarse decorative scratch finish effect. Ideal for heavy wear situations where the ring will be seriously abused.

 5. Bead Blast - The ring is bombarded with quartz crystals which gives a 'granite' look to the ring - very dark grey colour

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25 Feb 2016

By Alan Hadley